HUP System

HUP System

At our core, innovation propels us forward. Continuously evolving alongside technology, we’re committed to pioneering solutions that redefine excellence in construction. Take, for instance, our super-insulated columns, surpassing standard brick columns by fivefold in thermal efficiency. Our cutting-edge thermal glass not only retains warmth but also minimizes glare, ensuring year-round comfort. Enhancing insulation further, our internal pelmets facilitate ambient down-lighting. And with the lightest and warmest solid roofs available, we set a new benchmark in modern construction.

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Glass Veranda

Veranda incorporates the reliable Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof system as its foundation, ensuring it operates on proven technology that meets the highest industry standards. A standout feature of the Veranda design is its gracefully curved structural beam. Crafted from robust aluminium, the Veranda beam not only boasts exceptional strength but also serves a dual role. It functions both as an integrated gutter system and a crucial load-bearing element. Complementing this structural framework are support posts, each tailored to specific requirements:

Oak: This option features gasketed stop ends and seamlessly connects to the Veranda’s base via stop plates, offering a refined finish.

Aluminium: Similar to the Veranda beam, these posts are multifunctional, acting as both structural supports and rainwater downpipes after fabrication.

HUP Case Studies

Homeowner Emily White and her partner Joseph recently decided to “HUP-grade” their old, neglected conservatory with the HUP building system, transforming it into a stunning new extension that has revolutionized their home in just a few days!
For years, Emily and Joseph’s conservatory sat unloved and unused. The polycarbonate roof and dwarf walls clashed with the modern aesthetic of their home, and over time, the distorted guttering only added to the outdated look.
Inside, the poor temperature regulation from the polycarbonate roof and outdated frame technology rendered the space unusable, turning it into nothing more than a storage area.

Julia resides in a charming 1920s semi-detached house in Yorkshire, a place that had been home to its previous owner for half a century. She purchased the property with a vision for transformation, embarking on a complete renovation journey to craft a contemporary haven.
A pivotal element of this makeover was the addition of an extension to create a sleek, open-plan kitchen and dining area. Just as her extension plans were taking shape, the innovative HUP building system made its debut, and Julia knew it was the perfect fit for her project.
Determined to honor the 1920s character of the house, Julia opted for a simple lean-to extension crowned with a HUP tiled roof and full-length glazed panels. By merging the old kitchen and dining room with the new HUP extension, she achieved a spacious, modern open-plan area.
Within the extension, a discreet pocket door leads to a utility room, which also features a glazed roof panel, maximizing the wall space for cupboards. The exterior boasts a pristine white render complemented by a stunning set of anthracite grey bi-fold doors, perfectly blending modernity with classic charm.